Rock River
Town of Rock, Wisconsin
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Appointed Official SCOT ARNOLD
Address 5102 S COUNTY ROAD D
AFTON, Wisconsin  53501
Phone Number 608-931-2172
Office Hours The Planning and Zoning Committee meet the last Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Rock Town Hall, 5102 S. County Road D, Afton, WI

(1) The Town Board or other public body having authority thereon, shall refer to the Planning & Zoning Committee, for its consideration and report before final action is taken by the Town Board or public body, the following matters: the location and architectural design of any public building; the location of any statue or other memorial; the location, acceptance, extension, alteration, vacation, abandonment, change of use, sale, acquisition, or lease of land for any street, alley or other public way, park, playground, airport, area for parking facilities, or other memorial or public grounds; the location, extension, abandonment or authorization for any public utility whether public or privately owned; all plats of land in the township; the location, character and extent, or acquisition, leasing or sale of lands for public or semi-public housing, slum clearance, relief of congestion, or vacation camps for children; and the abandonment or repeal of any ordinance adopted pursuant to planning and zoning. Unless such report is made within 45 days or such longer period as may be stipulated by the Town Board, the board or other public body may take final action without it.


   The Planning & Zoning Committee shall have the following powers:

        (A) Building and Conditional Use Permits. To issue building permits when there is a question raised by the Building Inspector as to the literal requirements of this Ordinance and to issue conditional use permits when within the provisions of this Ordinance.

           (B) Subdivisions. To review and recommend to the Town Board the approval or denial of preliminary and final subdivisions. Conditions of approval may be attached to preliminary or final approval.

          (C) Substitutions. To hear and grant applications for substitution of more restrictive nonconforming uses for exist­ing nonconforming uses, provided no structural alterations are to be made. Whenever the Committee permits such a sub­stitution, the use may not thereafter be changed without the approval of the Committee.

            (D) Unclassified Uses. To hear and grant applications for unclassified and unspecified uses, provided that such uses are similar in character to the principal uses permitted in the district.

            (E) Temporary Uses. To hear and grant applications for temporary uses in any district, provided that such uses are of a temporary nature, do not involve the erection of a substantial structure, and are compatible with the neighboring uses. The permit shall be temporary, revocable, subject to any conditions required by the Planning & Zoning Committee and shall be issued for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months. Compliance with all other provisions of this Ordinance shall be required.

Committee Of Jurisdiction PLANNING AND ZONING Committee
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